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Spring Cleaning Checklist: The Guide to Revive Your Home

As the weather gets warmer, it’s the perfect time to give your living space the refresh it needs with a deep spring cleaning! Spring Cleaning is more than just a regular cleaning. It involves organizing and refreshing your home with a thorough clean.

Spring cleaning can be a grueling task. You may be overwhelmed, not knowing where to start or if you have the time. That’s why our cleaning team has created a spring cleaning checklist to help make this process as organized and smooth as possible.

This guide will give you the best spring cleaning tips for every room in your home. It’s time to roll up your sleeves, and get ready for your spring cleaning journey to begin!

Spring Cleaning Supplies You’ll Want to Have

Before you begin cleaning, let’s make sure you have all the essential tools to get the job done. When it comes to organizing and renewing your home, this is a great time to stock up on top cleaning supplies. You can easily find all these home cleaning items at your local grocery store, Walmart, or Amazon

  • Sponge & Scrubbing Brush 

  • Clean, Microfiber Towels  

  • Duster 

  • Broom

  • Vacuum 

  • Mop or Swiffer 

  • Bucket 

  • Cleaners: All-Purpose Cleaner, Glass & Window Cleaner, Disinfectant Spray or Wipes, Floor Cleaner, Bathroom Cleaner, Toilet Bowl Cleaner 

  • Natural Cleaner: White Vinegar, Baking Soda

  • Dish Soap

  • Baskets & Bins

  • Rubber Gloves 

  • Ladder or Step Stool 

Every Room Cleaning

Let’s start with a general overview of what should be cleaned in every room in your house. 


Dusting is an extremely important spring cleaning task. Even if you practice dusting regularly, you’ll be surprised how much builds up over the years. This is the time to thoroughly dust your home, especially those hard-to-reach places most people overlook. 

woman with headphones on, dusting a white wall

Materials you’ll need include: a duster and ladder or step stool. A mask may be helpful for those with allergies. 

A good rule of thumb is to always dust from the top of the room to the bottom. Make sure you pay attention to those hard to reach places like ceilings, fans, light fixtures, window casings, and other tall surfaces. After dusting, vacuum up the debris that has settled on the floor


Vacuum your floors, carpets, rugs, and vents. Take advantage of the smaller attachments on vacuums to clean corners and crevices. This includes vacuuming under your seat cushions, cabinets, storm windows, and other areas that attract crumbs and dust. 

Mop Floors 

Once you vacuum up all the dust and debris, it’s time to wash those floors. Ensure you are cleaning your floor with products that are safe on the specific material. 

  • Clean Hardwood Floors with a damp mop or microfiber mop. Keep in mind that too much water or harsh cleaners can damage wood. The cleaner should be safe for hardwood floors or be a soap-detergent based solution. After, dry the floor immediately to avoid dulling the finish. 

  • Clean Tile Floors with a wet mop and a mild detergent and water solution. To get out dirt and stains in grout lines, use a cleaning brush or toothbrush and scrub. After mopping, rinse the floor with water then dry with a clean, dry cloth. 

  • Clean laminate floors with a damp mop or microfiber mop using little water to avoid damage. Stay away from harsh cleaners or wax-based products that can damage the laminate flooring. Use a very mild detergent mixed with water or solution made for laminate floors. Once cleaned, make sure to dry up the floor immediately to avoid any damage from water. 

  • Clean Vinyl floors with a wet mop. Choose that same mild detergent diluted in water mixture or vinyl cleaner. Although the surface is water resistant, don’t use harsh cleaners or wax-based products that can lead to floor damage. 

Wash Baseboards 

Scrubbing and washing baseboards is one of the more reluctant chores, but makes such a difference. In a bucket, make a solution out of warm water and mild detergent or all-purpose cleaner. You’ll also need a small scrubbing brush, wet cloth, and a dry cloth. 

Dip your brush or sponge in the solution. Wipe the baseboard in circles, focusing on dusty areas. After, take your wet towel to wash the baseboard, and then dry. 

We suggest taking a day for this task, depending on the surface area of your house. 

Wipe Down Windows & Window Screens

You probably wipe down your windows from the inside regularly, but what about the other side? Window screens will catch a lot of the dust, dirt, and even bugs from coming into your home. It’s important not to forget about the outside of your windows and window screens. 

dad and son wiping down a window

Using glass cleaner, wipe down every window in your house - from the outside and inside. Take out those window screens and wash them with warm dish-soapy water. Make sure you wash window screens thoroughly and put them back dry. 

Organize & Declutter 

Spring cleaning is an opportunity to organize all drawers, closets, cabinets, and rooms that need it the most. When organizing, you can assess different items that you no longer need and get to declutter.  If you’re looking for extra space to store belongings, it’s a great time to buy new organizers and bins. 

Room-by-Room Spring Cleaning Checklist


Cleaning your kitchen is extremely important to keep a sanitary and healthy environment. Here kitchen cleaning chores you should knock off your list: 


  • Bath Mats & Towels: wash, fold, organize 

  • Toilet: scrub, disinfect

  • Sink: scrub sink, wipe down countertop, clean sink drain

  • Deep Clean Shower: scrub grout and tile, scrub floor, clean shower drain


  • Change to spring/summer bedding

  • Rotate mattress

  • Clean pillows 

  • Organize & Clean out dresser/closet 

  • Clean under bed 

Are you looking for a cleaning service to help with your spring cleaning efforts? We can help! At Assure Cleaning Services, we understand that spring cleaning is a task not everyone has the time for. Our deep cleaning services pays attention to those common areas of dirt buildup that most people overlook. 

Call Assure Cleaning for a free estimate at (205)860-9383 or Book Now !

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