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Office Cleaning

An industrial office building with windows, desks, and chairs.

A clean office environment says you care about your employees and your business. The professional office cleaners at Assure Cleaning Services continue to provide expert office cleaning for various businesses in the Birmingham, AL area. We have a powerful arsenal of cleaning products and equipment, designed to make your office as clean and germ-free as it can be.

Small & Large Office Cleaning

Assure Cleaning Services offers complete office cleaning and janitorial services, like:

  • common area cleaning (lobbies, meeting rooms, etc.)

  • restroom cleaning & disinfecting

  • trash & recycling removal

  • break room cleaning

  • carpet vacuuming & cleaning

  • dusting

  • window & glass cleaning

All of our commercial-grade cleaning products are safe for the environment. 

Attention To High Interaction Surfaces

Assure Cleaning Services makes sure your office not only looks clean but more importantly, is properly sanitized. We focus on all the high-touch areas in your work environment for maximum protection from unseen bacteria and allergens:

  • keyboards & mouse

  • elevator buttons

  • water fountains

  • telephones

  • doorknobs & door handles

  • stair railings & banisters

Protect your staff, vendors, and clients with an office space that is fresh, clean, and sanitized. Assure Cleaning Services cleans commercial environments throughout the local area.

Professional Office Cleaning Service

Our staff arrives on time every time we clean your office building. When our cleaning staff leaves your office, we make sure all lights are turned off, windows are closed, doors are locked, and alarms are set if requested.

Assure Cleaning Services offers flexible cleaning schedules to meet the needs of your business. We offer daily/nightly cleaning, special project cleaning, one-time service, monthly service, routine cleaning, and off-hours/weekend service.

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