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Day Porter Services

An office building with a desk and chairs.

For customer-facing businesses, public restrooms and common areas that are dirty or unsanitary leave a bad impression on your customers. Make sure your workplace is up to snuff with professional day porter service, provided by Assure Cleaning Services. Our discreet, uniformed employees will make sure that your office looks good all day long.

Why Choose Assure Cleaning Services For Porter Services?

A clean restroom reflects your commitment to excellent customer service. Our porters and matrons will make sure your bathroom countertops are wiped down, paper products are restocked, soap dispensers are filled, toilets and urinals are cleaned and sanitized, and trash is removed.

Assure Cleaning Service will also make sure high touch surfaces are routinely sanitized, like bathroom fixtures (door handles, stall handles, faucet knobs), paper towel holders, automatic dryers, sanitary product dispensers, and changing stations.

Assure's Day Porter Services

Assure Cleaning Services offers day porter service for customer-facing businesses throughout the local area. Our most requested services include:

  • restroom cleaning & sanitizing

  • porter/matron service

  • building entrance & foyer upkeep

  • lobby & waiting area maintenance

  • hallway and corridor care

  • glass & window cleaning

Keep Your Business Neat & Tidy

Assure Cleaning Services porters ensure that all common areas are picked up throughout your business day. We empty trash receptacles, restock paper products, straighten lobby chairs and magazine racks, and sweep/vacuum as needed. When first impressions matter, call Assure Cleaning Services for superior porter services.

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